Clandeboye: “We are going home by Loughgilly with Sam Porter”

Postmark: Clandeboye Camp, date unknown

[faint postmark and location suggests early – possibly October 1914]

Dear Mother

Just a line to say that if all goes well you may expect us home on Sat.  We are going home by Loughgilly with Sam Porter.  He is getting George to meet us with the car, but it might be late when we are home and will have to go away again on Sunday night.  But it will be better than nothing.  I think this is all to we meet again.  I remain your loving son,

John Adams

15 Clandeboye Helens Tower 02

15 Clandeboye Helens Tower 01

Postcard shows:

“Helen’s Tower, Clandeboye, Co. Down

Built by the late Marquis of Duferin, in memory of his mother, in the year 1850.

Helen’s Tower, here I stand

Dominant over sea and land

Son’s love built me, and I hold

Mother’s love engraved in gold.

Love is in and out of time,

I am mortal stone and time;

Would my granite girth were strong

As either love to last as long!

I should wear my crown entire

To and thro’ the Doomsday fire

And be found of angel eyes

In earth’s recurring Paradise.

-Alfred Tennyson”

A view of Helen’s Tower, which flies a large flag with horizontal stripes (blue, white red, from top to bottom).  [no such flag appears on]