Holywood: “she made a great deal of me more than any girl I have met on the march”

D Company
9 Batt R. I. Fusiliers
Palace Barracks


My Dear Mother

I am sorry that I was so long in writing but I had not time until now. We got back here on Thursday evening from Portadown. We had a fine time from we left Bessbrook. I suppose Annie and Jimmie got home alright. What did they think of the RIF? We got our dinner at Major Close’s house that day.

But the best day of all was spent in Tandragee. It was the best night I ever spent. I was stopping in the house where Eva McElney is Dressmaker and she made a great deal of me more than any girl I have met on the march. When I was leaving she gave to silk handkerchief and she has since sent me 2/6 worth of fegs [sic]. I think it was very nice of a strange girl that I may never meet again in this world. For we meet so many in this world in which we live that it is very hard for one to mind them all.

We are starting again on Thursday morning for Co Monaghan for a week there. It will hardly be as good as the one we are just off. I think this is all now. Jenny is well and will write later on. I will write from Cavan to you.

I remain
Your loving son
John Adams