Newtownards: “you may be sure that if we can get we will be home”

D Company
9 Batt R. I. Fusiliers

My Dear Mother

Just a line to say that I received your letter this morning. I am sorry that you are not getting better but maybe when the good weather you will be alright. I said when I wrote to Annie that we were going to be confined to camp, but I think that will not be to after Easter. And I am not giving it for truth but I think that we will be home from Friday to Monday but you need not be too much made up for we might not be home at all. But you may be sure that if we can get we will be home. I think that I will have as much £ and d as will bring me home.

I will write to you again before that and tell you wither I can get home or not. I think this is all now. We are having lovely weather now. I hope it will continue until after Easter.

I remain
Your loving son
John Adams