Newtownards: ” We are all getting our photos take in Batt tomorrow”

D. Company
9 Batt R. I. Fus


My Dear Mother

Just a line today. I got your parcel this morning and was very thankful to you for what you sent. We are still confined to camp. I was just out once since we came back. There is nothing else that I want just now except if you could get me a box of [Zach Buk??] sometime Jimmy would be in Newry.

I hope you are keeping in good health as the weather is getting good again. We are all getting our photos take in Batt tomorrow. If I can I will get one for you though I may not be seen in it you will know that I am in it somewhere. Did Jimmy get the photos out of Newry yet where we were taken together? There is one for you, one for Mrs Moffatt and Mrs Crozier and there was to be one each sent to us.

I think that is all now. [Praying] we will all be spared to meet again.

I remain
Your loving son
John Adams

I thank you again for what you sent me. Perhaps you will hardly know now this is. I am sending you this little book.

Tell Annie to write to me now and again. It does one good to hear from home.