Training: “I expect it will be a very big day in Belfast tomorrow”

D Company
9 Batt R. I. Fus

My Dear Mother.

Just a line to say that I received your letter aright. I am sorry that I was so long in writing but we have been very busy this last few days. I expect it will be a very big day in Belfast tomorrow. We are leaving here at 6 am in the morning. I hope it does not be too warm.

I am glad you like the photo. It is not too well taken. You can see the Captain standing in front of me but I will show you them all when I go home. I will get you the other one too.

We intend going home on tomorrow week if we get and indeed to tell you the truth I would like if you would send me a few shillings before as we might be paid short on that day and the 3 shilling would not take me home. I am sorry to take it off you but if I was not going home I would not need it and it might be a good while [bef]or[e] we get home again and I will not may get the chance of getting any more photos of the Company and I would like to have them if we […] it would keep me in mind of the times we spent together. And if anything would happen to us you would have them to show. Jimmy might just be as well at home for there is going to be a very big crowd. I really wish it was over. It will be none [sic] pleasure for us.

I will write again before I go home. Excuse this writing as I am in a hurry. We are packing up for tomorrow. I think this is all now. I send my best love to all at home.

I remain
Your loving son
John Adams

Tell Jimmy I will write to him after Sat. I wish you would keep […] Belfast [Telegraph?] for me to I go home […] tomorrow’s parade will all be in it. I will take the other photo home with me as it might get broken sending it by post.

There was a major parade of the 36th Ulster Division through Belfast on 8 May 1915. More details from the Ulster Somme Association.