Seaford: “I was up in Brighton on Saturday. It surely is a lovely place”

[For God, King & For Country]
[HM Forces on Active Service]

D Company
9th RIF
Seaford Camp
Sunday 18.08.1915

Dear Mother

Just a line to say I received your letter alright. Hoping this will find youse all in good health as it leaves me in the same at present. I am sorry that I was so long in writing but indeed I thought I had written. I hope Jennie will have a good time at home and get good weather. I am sure she has need of a rest. You can tell her I will write to her as soon as I get time perhaps tomorrow. Well Dear Mother I need not buoy you up with false hope, but if every thing goes well you may have a chance of seeing us again before we leave England. Some of the U. D. [Ulster Division?] has got it already. 7 days leaves. But when our turn comes I do not know. It may not for a month yet but it would mean 4 clear days at home. Of course you need not depend on it for so many things can happen. Well I got my photos taken but they were that much changed that you do not know me from someone else. So I will not get them taken until we go home and then get them taken right. For these got the five [?]

I got the stamps many thanks for them. I am sorry to hear of you been sick but I hope you are better by this time. I was up in Brighton on Saturday. It surely is a lovely place. They Promenade is 5 miles from one end to the other. The lights goes out there at 8 o’clock and the place is in total darkness afterwards.

Tell Annie and Jimmy that I will write to them all. Jimmy might write to me some times. This is a photo for Jimmy of all the units in the 36th Division represented. I think this is all now.

I remain
Your loving son
John Adams

Excuse this scribble in haste.

This little brooch is for Annie. I will get you something later on.