Bordon Camp: “Let us all pray that we may all meet in a happier place when all wars will have ceased”

“D” Company, 9th Roy. Irish Fus., Martinique Barracks, Bordon, Hants, England

My Dear Mother

I received your parcel allright. Many thanks. But indeed I did not expect what you sent, and I am sorry that I passed the remark that I had no stamps, for I think that you wanted and has need of all the money that you get. And my saying that I had no stamps did not mean taht I wanted you to send me any money. But indeed I never thought of the likes: so you might not have thought that I would be angry at you for sending me any more. So you know your self that I would not be angry no matter how little you would send. All I was angry at was you sending any at all. I got the paper it must have been sudden about old John MacCormick was he long sick? But he was an old man. I had a letter from Jenney this morning she says that she has been very busy since she went away from home. I am writing to her also today.

Well dear Mother I may as well tell you the truth: all leave is cancelled, so there is no chance of us getting home again before going out. Which I think will not be long now about the 20th of the month. But I hope this will not make you any worse than what you all. You knew it would come to it sooner or later. So it need not come as a surprise to you any more. And if I do not have the Good Fortune to come back again, let us all pray that we may all meet in a happier place when all wars will have ceased, and there shall be no more trouble or sorrow.

But let me get away from this as it will do none of us any good. And what ever happens let us hope it may be for the best as we are all in a Good Man’s Hand and he knows all our hopes and fears. But thank God if I do not come back all belonging to me can hold their heads up for I have done my duty and shall do so no matter what it may cost me so youse will have nothing to be ashamed of.

This is a lovely part of the country and is great for Route Marching. You would never feel tired on the road.

There is about 20 shops in the village of Bordon which is about 5 minutes from camp and a Picture House. Of course there are all the camp stores built for the men in camp here. The range here was made by German prisoners. And this camp was opened by the Kaiser[?] but I think I told you that before.

I must draw to a close as I am going on duty tonight.

Good bye and may God Bless and take care of youse all
I remain
Your Loving Son
John Adams
P.S. You might send me Lizzies address as I would like to write to her.