Southampton: “We will get to France sometime at 7.30 tomorrow morning”


My Dear Mother

We have arrived here on our way out. We left Bordon last night at 11.30 arrived here at 2 o’clock and will not leave here until 7 o’clock tonight.

We will get to France sometime at 7.30 tomorrow morning. I sent home a small parcel. I suppose you will get it alright. I hope youse are all keeping in good health, as this leaves me in the best of spirits at present.

Will write as soon as I get time. This is a fine dock. This is where all the soldiers go from to the front. Remember me to Annie and Jimmy. Tell them I will write soon to them.

I remain
Your loving son

Date evidence: 9th Bn R.I.F. arrived in France at 6.30 am on 4 October 1915, according to Maj John George Brew’s account.