France: “We have got over safe”

Somewhere in France

My Dear Mother

Just a few lines to let you know I am still in good health hoping this will find youse all at home the same. We have got over safe. And the people that we are in amongst are very nice and would do anything for us at all. The only thing we cannot get any ciggireets [sic] to buy and I would like very much if you could send me a few and a lighter. Jimmy can get it in Newry for a few pence as we cannot get matches either.

This is all I have time for now. Hoping [Annie] and Jimmy is well. Will write later on.

I remain
Your loving son

[on the reverse of the same piece of paper]

D Company
9th Roy. Irish Fusiliers
108 Infantry Bde
36 Ulster Div
Brit Expd Force

I received your letter tonight but I had not time to read it before the post. Will answer it later.

Location evidence from Major Brew’s account.