Jeannie: “Poor Johnnie, I am sure he is lonely”

Church Hill
Co. Down

19 Oct 1915

My Dear Mother,

This is just a wee line to say I had a postcard from Johnnie this morning to say he got my parcel alright.  Yours had not arrived when he wrote.  He said he had not heard from home for a good while but I am sure he has all by now.  He got a pair of socks from Mrs Meeke.  It was very good of her sending them.  I was thinking of sending him an apple cake and some nuts [sic] for Halloweve.  Poor Johnnie, I am sure he is lonely.  I have wrote him a good long letter.  Mr Chambers says it’s wonderful how much good a letter from home does them, how it brightens them up.  I hope Johnnie will come back safe.  I hope Mother Dear you are not fretting too much.  I know it’s very hard to keep from it and I think they are in great danger sometimes but God can take care of him there as well as at home and all we can do is pray for him.

I hope you are all well.  I will write longer next time.  I had a letter from T Davidson.  He says he is coming home and he is to leave Rouen this week.  I hope Johnnie’s hands are getting better.  Tell him to be good to that stuff, there is 5 pence worth in it.

Give my love to all and write soon,

I remain your loving daughter,
Write soon.


151019 Jeannie