France: “Nothing but the overwhelming force of men will ever bring the war to a close”


My Dear Mother

I have a few minutes to myself so I thought I would spend them in writing home. Sometimes I have not time to write a letter but I send a card every week. I got you parcel alright. Many thanks for what you sent to me. But as I said in my card you need not send anything out here in the line of clothes for we get plenty of things out here in the line of shirts or underwear. I hope you are got alright by his time. I think you are felting [fretting] too much and it won’t do you any good for I am alright out here. And if anything happens to me you will have the satisfaction of knowing that I have done whatever I could to keep the Germans back and I think for each man that falls out here there should be two sent out. Nothing but the overwhelming force of men will ever bring the war to a close. And I wonder that anyone can sit at home that can come out here and see this war going on and does not help to bring it to a finish.

I suppose Jimmy is busy every day. Is all the potatoes is all out [?] by this time. The weather is got very wet out here now. Was Tommy up yet or is he home? I suppose he will hardly stop on. He has done his share. When everyone has done as much the war is over. Jack is in good health. Him and I are still together. I think this is all I have tome for now. Hoping it will find all at home in good health as it leaves me in the same here at present.

I remain
Your loving son
John Adams