France: “I do not believe the Germans has made the bullet that is to kill me yet.”

BEF Somewhere in France

My Dear Mother

Just a few lines hoping this will find you and all at home in your usual good health as this leaves me in the same here at present. I cannot understand how it was that you have got no letters from me so long as Annie PC says for there I not a week passes that I do not write home, and there must be some mistake that you do not get them. I think this is the third letter that I wrote since Xmas and Annie says that you have got none of them. But you may have got them before this. I hope you are got all right again yourself. I was very sorry to hear that you were so bad with pains but it has been a very severe winter all though. But thank Goodness it has cleared up at last and it’s getting like Spring out here now. I think it comes sooner here than in Ireland.

We are on our way once more to the trenches and have arrived in a little village a short distance of the Firing Line which I expect we shall be in by the time you get this. But do not be in the least alarmed as for our safety as I do not believe the Germans has made the bullet that is to kill me yet at least I believe so at any rate. I had a letter from Jennie and she said also that she had a letter from you tell her that you got no letters from me and also that she had none from me either, and I do wonder where they are going. I believe Mr Chambers and Archer is leaving Holywood to go to America to make there fortunes it is a wonderful thing to be going to do and this terrible war going on. They will have plenty of time for that when this war is over. For I think there will be few men left after it is over the way it is going.

Tell Jimmy I am sorry for anything I said in my last letter. I do not mean all I say but I believe I write home as often as I get any from it. Sometimes I think that youse forget about me out here. You may think long not to get a letter form me but its worst on us out here when we do not hear from home. For at home youse are all there together and in a civilized world. While we are not. And only through letters can we know how things are going on at home. So do not get on to me too much when you as not get a letter from me when you know that I have written.

We are still together and are with J. McCullough who is from Bessbrook and we had a great Xmas together. For we got all sorts of parcels the three of us and the way we messed together they lasted for a long time. I got about 12 parcels myself from all over the country. I got a great parcel from L Morton and also one from Mrs Moody of Tandragee where I stopped when we were on the route march. I think I was telling you about her the time I was home. I also got a great muffler from L Morton through Mrs Hall of Narrow Water who undertook to pay all expenses on Comforts that was sent to any of the Ulster Division from Warrenpoint. So I was very well done for.

I think I must draw to a close hoping once again that you are got all right. Am hoping to hear from you soon again.

I remain
Your Loving Son

John Adams