Jeannie: “I was dreaming Johnnie was wounded the other night.”

Church Hill


Co. Down


15 Mar 1916


My Dear Mother,


This is just a line to say I got your letter alright.  I hope you are better.  Do you still feel the pains?  Had you any more word from Johnnie since I had a PC from Jack, but Johnnie had not got his length when it was written.  I have written to them both and sent Johnnie his paper.  They were lucky boys got home the time they did.  All leave is stopped.


Mrs Caughry [?] was telling me on Sunday that Jim told her to tell me he heard he was getting home and he enquired till he found out where the Fusiliers were and tried to find Johnnie.  They told him in Johnnie’s Company that he had just left for his leave the night before, so Jim said before he comes he will try and find him.  I thought it was awfully good of him.  The young fellow next door has enlisted in the Dublin Fusiliers.  He went away this morning.  He is a minister’s son and he is just a Private.  The other boy is away about Warrenpoint in a sanatorium.  He is away since the first of the month.  I don’t know whether it’s doing him any good.


Did you hear from Lizzie lately?  I wrote to her but I got no reply.  I cut this wee bit out of the paper.  I was dreaming Johnnie was wounded the other night.  I hope you are not listening to anything anyone tells you about Johnnie being wounded as anything else.  Let them talk away, don’t you worrie [sic].  He has been very good at writing.


There is a whole lot of visitors in now.  They say there’s going to be an air raid over Belfast tonight.  Isn’t it well we don’t live in Town?  I don’t think there is a thing of it.


I hope Annie and Jimmie are both well.  Write me a long letter soon and excuse this horrid scrawl as I have had to get up so often.  Don’t be in a bit of a hurry with those things.  The weather still keeps cold.  Try and keep yourself warm.  Write soon.


Give my love to all.

I remain your

Loving Daughter

J. Adams


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