France: “Each man being given a sprig of shamrock which we all enjoyed having very much.”

Somewhere in France

My Dear Mother

Just a few lines to let you know that I am still in good health. Hoping this will find yourself and all at home in the same. I am very sorry that I have been so long in writing to you, but it was not my fault. As we have bee rather busy since I came back. So you cannot have much time to yourself for letter writing. But as you know I send a card at least once a week. And sometimes its all I have time for. Well I got back safe at any rate after some knocking about. Which none of us enjoyed but we had to put up with it.

The weather is excellent just now. And I hope it continues as the trenches are in a better state owing to the good weather. And I may tell you we are up against enough without wadeing to the knees in water.

Well I have got all your letters and parcel since I came back alright and I must thank you for your parcel. I have also written to thank J Morton for her’s which was a beautiful pocket book. Well we got the 17th over which was given to us as a holiday, being out of the trenches at the time. Each man being given a sprig of shamrock which we all enjoyed having very much. One has to be away from Ireland for a while before they can understand what it is to get something from it. And no wonder those away relish getting a sprig of shamrock so much. And when my feet touched the platform at Dundalk on our homeward journey I thought new life had entered my body that is what it is like to be away from home.

I got your card and Annie’s last night. But tell Annie she need not put Cpl on the letters as I have not got my appointment yet I could have got it again in another Coy but refused it again. As I told you I do not want to leave where I am and no room in our Company for a full Cpl yet. So she need not put it on until I tell her.

Well I think this is all I have time for now but as long as you know I am alright.

I remain
Your Loving Son