Field Postcard

NOTHING is to be written on this side except
the date and signature of the sender. Sentences
not required may be erased. If anything else is
added the post card will be destroyed.

[Postage must be prepaid on any letter or post card
addressed to the sender of this card.]

I am quite well.

I have been admitted into hospital



and am going on well.

and hope to be discharged soon.

I am being sent down to the base.

I have received your

letter dated
telegram  ,,
parcel     ,,

Letter follows at first opportunity.

I have received no letter from you


for a long time.

Signature only
16th April 1916

Jeannie: “Holywood is all darkened now the street lamps are not lit”

Church Hill


Co. Down


16th April 1916


My Dear Mother

I am very sorry I have been such a time in writing but I could not help it. I have been so busy. I think I never did as much work in my life. As I have done this last week. We have got all the cleaning done. We just got done last night, and I am tired. There was a woman in only three days. I did the rest myself. I was down in Holywood last night after I got finished. I met the Croziers. The first thing Sara asked me was I sick. She said I never looked as sick looking. But I am glad to get finished.

I hope you are all well. Had you any word from Johnnie lately. I had none all week. I wrote to him last Sunday. I told him I was going to send him a parcel but I had not time to do it. Would you send him one for Easter? I am sure he will be lonely. I hope we will hear from him soon.

Has Sammy Moffatt been home yet? I forgot to tell you that last week the Lough was full of ships. Mr Trimble said he counted 19. There was German submarines in the Channel. These ships were guarded by a warship. I think the[y] have caught one of the submarines. I wish it was all over. It seems to get worse. Holywood is all darkened now the street lamps are not lit and any that are are covered halfway down. The shopkeepers are not allowed to put lights in their windows. The times are getting worse.

Well, Bangor Rd Church has got settled. Mr Woodburn is to be installed in Bangor Rd on Thursday. First everyone seems to like him. The service is at 12 o’clock on Thursday. I am going to it. There is a social at night.

You wanted to know could I get home for Easter. I would just love to go, but there is no use trying. It would only start a row. I might get later on. I hope you are all well. Write me a long letter soon. I think this is all now. Excuse this scrawl. Any more word from Lizzie? She is a cool one.

Give my best love to all.

I remain

Your loving daughter

Jeannie Adams

Write soon to me.



16 04 16 Church Hill Jeannie letter 01


16 04 16 Church Hill Jeannie letter 02