Jeannie: “Yous will be lonely without Johnnie, poor fellow he’ll be lonely too”

Church Hill


Co. Down


21 April 1916


My Dear Mother


This is just a wee line to say I got your letter alright.  I am very sorry I can’t get home for Easter.  I would have liked to get, but it can’t be helped now.  Yous will be lonely without Johnnie, poor fellow he’ll be lonely too.  Mr Hunter told me the other day that the Ulster Division are fighting now.  His son’s a sergt.  He has never been home yet.  I hope God will take care of Johnnie and bring him back safe.  I had a PC from him yesterday.  It was only a field one.


I hope you are all well.  Are your pains better?  I hope Annie’s cold is better by now.  I have got alright again.  I had a very sore pain in my back but it’s away too, I am glad to say.


Well, we have got our new minister settled yesterday.  It was very good.  I was at the service in the morning and at the social at night.  It was all very good and as Mr Woodburn said himself he got a royal welcome.  It was very nice.  He seems a very nice man.  He stood at the church door and shook hands with everyone as they came out, and Mrs Woodburn is Mrs Chambers over the world [?].  Everyone said how like each other they were.  They presented Mrs W with a new gown and a little girl all in white presented Mrs W with flowers. I am sending the papers with the installation in it.  I will send one with the social if it’s in the paper.  It was good.


Do you know that Herron [?] is out of jail?  He has got off free.  Had you any word from Lizzie lately?  I was up in Minnie Crozier’s one evening.  She told me to tell you if you would like to come down to Belfast for a change she would be very glad to have you.


I think this is all now.  You will not get this till Monday as the post went out early today.  I hope you will write me a good long letter soon.  I hope Annie and Jimmie are both well.


With best love,

I remain your

Loving daughter


Jeannie Adams


Write soon to me.


Do you remember the coin Johnnie gave me?  I got it put on a pin.  It’s very nice.


16 04 21 Jeannie Adams letter 21.04.16 a


16 04 21 Jeannie Adams letter 21.04.16 b