France: “The Germans kept quiet all day on Easter Sunday.”

Somewhere in France, British Exped Force

My Dear Mother

I am so sorry that I have been so long in writing to you, but I was waiting on getting the parcel that you said in your letter you were sending got to me. So I only got it last night. That is something like 10 days it took it coming, and it only takes a letter 4 days. So you will understand why I was so long in writing. Well to start with I must thank you for what you sent to me in your parcel. You are so awful good to me. I do not know how I will ever repay you. All in the parcel was all right. There was nothing gone astray. You must have spent some time in packing it.

Well we have got Easter over such as it was. You would not have known that it was Easter. Only the Germans kept quiet all day on Sunday but they gave us a few shells on Monday, which our fellows paid back in dead earnest. But its just the same every day. I wonder how far the end off. There is not many out here would care it was all over tomorrow. The weather is still keeping good it is like summer today and I hope it continues for the wet weather is not very pleasant. I suppose the people at home are busy putting in the crop. Have you got the garden in yet. You can put my share in I will be home before they are dug. Well I must thank you again for your parcel which we enjoyed very much as it was a change from the loaf bread and I think I must now draw to a close as I must write to Annie tonight but I will not be long in writing to you again.

I remain
Your Loving Son

John Adams