Paisley: “We went out for a drive on last Tuesday.”

The Royal Alexandra Infirmary, Paisley,Scotland

My Dear Mother

Just a line to say that I received your letter this morning. And am glad to know that your self and all at home are in your Usual Good Health. As for myself I am getting on alright and may be able to go home in the end of the month. But we do not leave here to go home. We have to go up to Glasgow and may be kept there for some time.

Thanks very much for the stamps which you sent. I am sending you a cutting of a newspaper with all the names of the men addmited to this place the night we came over. I had 2 letters from Jennie and she seems to lie in Good Health.

We were out for a drive on last Tuesday to a place about 11 miles from here. It was a lovely drive we went on Brakes and it took us four Hours to get to it. We got our tea before we left it and the weather was very good. But it is raining today I do hope it soon clears up as I do not want any rain when I go home.

I suppose your flowers look well have you many this year. And did the Orange Lilies come our. I saw a lovely garden of Orange Lilies at this place on Tuesday. They were very nice.

Well I think I must draw to a close. Hoping to hear from you soon again.

I remain
Your Loving Son

John Adams