Rouken Glen: “I see in last week’s paper that I have lost most of my section.”

Mr James M Adams
Co. Armagh

Postmark 19 July 1916

19 July 1916

Dear Jimmy

Just a card to let you know how I am getting on.  You never think of writing to me at all.  How are you getting on?  This is the place we were at for a drive on yesterday.  I think I will be going home next week.  I am not quite sure yet.  I see in last week’s paper that I have lost most of my section.  Hard luck but I suppose it is what may be expected.  No more now.



160719 Rouken Glen 02 160719 Rouken Glen 01
Postcard shows “Lover’s Walk, Rouken Glen”:  a path winds between densely planted shrubs and trees.  A distant couple approach, indistinctly, at the far end of the path.

Falls at Rouken Glen

Postmark: Paisley, 19 July 1916


Dear Mother

Just a line hoping will still find yourself and all a home in your usual good health, as this leaves myself going on alright.  I expect to be going home next week, if I keep going on as I am now.  But I am not sure yet.  No more at present.

Your son


16 07 19 Paisley Rouken 02

16 07 19 Paisley Rouken 01

Postcard shows:

“The falls, Rouken Glen”.   A view of a cascade through a narrow, wooded valley.

Current views: Flickr and Google Maps. Odd that the bridge is not visible in the postcard.  It was there in 1916.