Newtownards: “Excuse this scribble as I have not got the proper use of my arm yet.”

10th Roy Ir Fusiliers, B company 37-Hut, Military Camp, Newtownards

My Dear Mother

I am awful sorry I have been so long in answering your welcome letter that I received alright. But my arm was so sore that I could not manage it. This is the first I have written since I wrote to you. You wanted me to get someone to write for me. But I would not ask anyone to do so as are all strangers to me. And I knew you would think me alright, as long as I am here. Well I am getting on alright and will soon be better again. But I am still attending the Dr. I had no word from Jimmy yet.

The Camp is still closed, but I think it will soon be opened and I shall go up to see you as soon as I can get a pass in a weeks time or so. Davy Patterson must have died sudden at the Last. I hope you have got all right again yourself. It is lovely weather now. I hope it lasts as it is most pleasant. I suppose Jimmy and Annie are both working every day. It is good weather for getting the flax pulled. Well I hope you will forgive me for not writing to you sooner. And I hope to hear from you soon again. I think I will have to close now. Excuse this scribble as I have got the proper use of my arm yet.

I remain
Your Loving Son

J Adams