Board of Docs: “I was put back for further treatment”


My Dear Mother

I am sorry I have been so long in writing to you but it was not my fault as I thought I had written to you and I was wondering why I never heard from you. I was thinking long to hear from you when I got your letter saying that you had not heard from me. Well I hope yourself and all at home are still in good health and I hope Annie is quite better and that Jimmy is not working too hard.

I am getting on here alright. I am liking the place better than I did at the first. There was a Board of Docs here some time ago and a lot of men was passed fit and send back to their units. But I was put back for further treatment so I do not know now when I may get away from here. But you need not be uneasy about me as I am alright. I think I will get a pass sometime and go home to see youse. But it means a lot of money. It would take 15′ [15 shillings?] to take me to Bessbrook station at half fare.

[the copy of the second page is cut off on the rhs]
…need not expect me to go home very often…nothing I want you to send me. I thank you …for what you have sent me. I shall not …and the rest for it. Do you know did…a woollen jacket that Jennie knit for … home any time I was there. I cannot think…I left it. It was one without buttons if …of leave it at home you need not bother…The weather is not so bad as it was …ago but what can we expect now the …will soon be here. Well I hope you will …me for not writing sooner to you. I will not …happen again. I think I must draw to a …and I will write soon again. Hoping…from you soon and hoping all at home …good health.

Good bye
I remain
Your loving son

[Location: could be either Newtownards or Tipperary]