Newtownards: “This place is simply flooded”

“D” Company
Royal Irish Fusiliers
Newtownards Camp
Co. Down
Dear Mother
I received your parcel alright this morning and I thank you very much for what you sent to me for may handkerchiefs were all lost and I was just going to write home for a couple.  So I got them in good time.  The weather still keeps very wet.  This place is simply flooded.  You see it is so low lying very little rain takes effect on it.  I wish it would dry up as the good weather is quite pleasant.  I had no word from Jennie this couple of days but I am writing to her tonight.  
There was a very fine draft left here yesterday.  I think it was the best men left here.  Albert Brown is away with it.  There was […] them altogether.  They were all 9th men going back.  A few more drafts like it will take all the 9th men away from here.  
Is there any word from Jack?  I have lost his address.  But he may soon be home.  I hope he may get home before I get out again.  Well I think I have little more to say so I will draw to a close hoping to hear from you soon again and thanking you again for your parcel.  
I remain
Your loving son
J Adams