France: “Sammie had to go through another operation.  I think his soldiering days are finished”

[YMCA letter paper]
[On Active Service with the British Expeditionary Force]

21st June 1917
B. E. Force

My Dear Mother

Just a few lines to say I received your ever welcome letter today and I am glad to know that all at home are still in good health as this leaves myself in the same at present.  I have got all your letters now.  I got 6 of them at the same time.  So I get them now alright.  It is a wonder you did not get an answer to your letters before this as I write to you every week.  The weather has got rather showery this last while […] as the dry weather is very pleasant.

Well I had a letter from Mr Torrie from Waterford and he was telling me all at home were in good health.  I had also a letter from Jennie and she was in good health also I had no word from Jack this long time but I think it was my own fault as I did not get answering his last letter.  I did not [k]no[w] he had any notion of getting married.  What happened that it did not come off?  I saw T Moffat today and he looked quite well.  He was telling me Sammie had to go through another operation.  I think his soldiering days are finished.

Well I hope you will get this and forgive me for anything I said and hope it will still find you enjoying good health.  Tell Annie and Jimmie that I was asking for them and hope to hear from them soon.

I think this is all now so I will close with best love to all at home.

I remain
Your loving son

PS Do not forget to write to the same address as I am with the Batt. now.
Location evidence: Major Brew