Field Postcard

NOTHING is to be written on this side except
the date and signature of the sender. Sentences
not required may be erased. If anything else is
added the post card will be destroyed.

[Postage must be prepaid on any letter or post card
addressed to the sender of this card.]

I am quite well.

I have been admitted into hospital



and am going on well.

and hope to be discharged soon.

I am being sent down to the base.

I have received your

letter dated
telegram  ,,
parcel     ,,

Letter follows at first opportunity.

I have received no letter from you


for a long time.

Signature only
12th July 1917

France: “I am sure by this time Jimmy will be away with the Band”

[poor photocopy]

[YMCA letter paper]
[On Active Service with the British Expeditionary Force]

12 July 1917

My Dear Mother

Just a few lines now that I have time […] all at home still enjoying your usual good health as this leaves myself in the same at present.  I am sure by this time Jimmy will be away with the Band.  I see by the paper they are for Mountnorris.  I only wish I had been at home for this day.  But […] here is to think of the happy […] gone there is a lot of changes since the las time we all were together.  A lot […]were there that day shall never meet with again.  All is left […] out here to tell us where they are […] could speak to us […]  I know […several sentences…]

I had a letter from Jennie […] and she is still[?] in good health.

Well Dear Mother I think […] for this time as I […] and Annie.  No more at present hoiping this will find you in good health.

I remain
Your loving son
Location evidence: Major Brew