And I for one knows the world is a hard taskmaster


My Dear Mother

Just a few lines to say I received Annie’s Reg letter alright, but I am very sorry to say I cannot get at the present time. But Dear Mother if you should get any worse (God forbid) let Annie send me a wire and I should come at once if possible. But I should send it through the Police Barracks or let them send it for you. But God grant you are a good deal better by this time. If only I had been with the Batt where I am known I should have got home straight away. But if both of us are spared for a couple more months I shall be due for my […]

For once the mother goes, the home goes also, and each one has to face the world on their own. And I for one knows the world is a hard taskmaster. God pity the boy or girl who is thrown on the world without any experience. For I have seen some little of the world this last few years.

Well Dear Mother, I think I shall close for this time. Hoping this shall find you a little better. And if you are not do not forget what I have told you. It is all I can do (God pity me). Remember me to Annie and Jimmy. Give them my love.

God bless all at home
Your loving son