Munster, Germany: “I have not got any letters since we were captured on 27th March.”


This was a letter from William Lockhart, possibly a relative, writing to our Great-Grandfather, Isaac Reid of Searce, Jerretspass, Co. Armagh. Isaac Reid was the Worshipful Master of the local Orange Lodge (LOL 225) and this letter shows how many of the 36th Ulster Division were strongly socially connected through the Order.


Munster in Westfalen, Camp III. Gefangenenlager 3, Germany

Dear Isaac

I have been thinking of sending you a card or a letter since I was captured, but as we are issued with a Post-card every week and a letter like this every other week, it was necessary to let all friends know first.

You will see there is not much danger of writing too much especially on a P.C. however the news is not too plentiful so it does not matter. Well I suppose you will all think everything and wonder how I am getting on.

First of all I am having the best of health, in a very good Camp I have no cause for to grumble now, so that is a lot to say. Well Isaac how are you all getting along, I have not got any letters or anything since we were captured on 27th March, our first Red-cross parcel will arrive in a day or so I believe, so that means a lot to us, it takes about 5 to 6 weeks for a letter.

I want you to write me a nice long letter, you will be able to let me know how you get the 12th over, I hope you will all have a good time if this reaches you before then. No doubt I will be thinking of 225 all the day and hope the next one will be a free one for me.

Will you reember me to one and all of the members of 225 and any enquiring friends, let them know I am well. How is Jack send him my address.

Yours sincerely

W. Lockhart