France: I have been asked several times if I would go in for a commission


My Dear Mother

Just a few lines hoping they will find yourself and all at home still enjoying your usual good health as this leaves myself in the same at time of writing. The weather is still keeping quite nice and I hope it may continue. Has Jimmy got his flax saved yet? It should bring him in some money. I received all your letters aright.

Well Dear Mother I may as well tell you I have been asked several times if I would go in for a commission, but I do not know as yet what I may do. Sometimes I think of doing it and then change my mind again. But I [have]written to Mr Meeke [Minister of Kingsmills Presbyterian Church] and also [to] Thos Elliot Rathentay [?] for […] as to my moral character […] it is necessary for to have them [if I] should take the notion again. [My] own Captain would like it if I [would] go in for it. If Mr[s?] Elliott [is] talking to you about it you might [let] him know what I want. It is just [paper] saying he has known me for [how] long and the sort of character [I have] at home. This is all there [is] for now.

I remain
Your loving son
J Adams