Dublin: “They are sending all North Men down to Belfast”

St Patrick’s Ward
Mater Hospital

My Dear Mother

Just a few lines n answer to your ever welcome letter which I received alright this morning and I am glad to know that all at home are still in good health. I hope Annie has got alright again. I am sorry I have been so long in writing but we have been waiting this last week for to go to Belfast. And as I was expecting to go every day I did not write. They are sending all North Men down to Belfast. We go on Monday. So you need hardly write again until I send you my address in Belfast. I shall write to you as soon as I get there. I am going on alright. I shall soon be well enough to leave hospital.

I am sure you were glad to hear the news of an armistice being signed. It has caused some little disturbances in Dublin, but I do not think it will come to anything.

I think this is all now.

I remain
Your loving son