Dublin: having the time of my life

Miss M Reid



Co. Armagh


Having the time of my life have you my blade.

Yours as B/4


The author is unknown, we don’t have any other references to the writing. It may be a solider returning from France – possibly Johnny Reid but the handwriting doesn’t quite match. The recipient is our grandmother Mary Adams, also known as Minnie, who married John Adams in 1926.

Postcard shows The Quay (After the Rebellion), Dublin

Dublin Postcard 190107a

Dublin Postcard 190107b

Belfast: “I wonder if Jimmy intends to go to that Dance”

Royal Victoria Hosp

My Dear Mother

Just a few lines in answer to your every welcome letter of today. And I am glad to know that yourself and all at home are still enjoying your usual good health, as this leaves me in the same at present.

The weather here keep[s] very nice. It has been like summer this last two days. We had none of that snow you speak of. Or at least very little. It stayed no time here.

I had no word from Jennie since I saw her but I am sure she is quite alright. I did not see Tommy since I came back. I may go over to see him before I go home but I do not know yet.

I wonder if Jimmy intends to go to that Dance at [Killeavy] Castle. Tell him I shall do my best to be home for it. But tell him I got an invite from another quarter. He will know who I mean. I hope it may be a much drier night than the last. Tell him to get the Patton’s for to drive up again.

Well I am glad that all at home are well. Well I think this is about all I can say now. So I will close with best love.

I remain
Your loving son

Hoping to hear from you soon again.

Note: Killeavy Castle is at the base of Slieve Gullion, Co. Armagh