D Graham Shillington

Co. Down
Jany 9th 1922

Sergt. John Adams M.C.
Lisadian, Whitecross,
Co. Armagh

Dear Adams,

Your letter of the 5th has just reached me this morning, I am not likely to forget you and have often wondered what you were doing, there is no man I know of whom I would be more willing to help in any way in my power. I am writing to Capt. Ensor. urging your claims for consideration, and asking him if it would help if I saw some of the people at Headquarters in Belfast here.

I will write you again when I hear from Capt. Ensor.

Yours faithfully,

D. Graham Shillington

Capt Ensor



Dear Major Shillington

With reference to your letter about John Adams. Very few recruits are being taken on now and I have almost 300 waiting application so you can see there are lots waiting long over two months.

From your recommendation this seems a very suitable an and will give him a call as soon as possible.

I give every preference to old ninth men.

Wishing you every luck in the new year.

Yrs sincerely




Febry 9, 1922

Dear Adams,

Your letter dated Febry 5th has just reached me this morning. I am writing again to Capt Ensor, to see if he can do anything for you and home he may soon have an opening. Glad to hear from you at any time.

Yours faithfully,

D. Graham Shillington




Co. Down.

Feby 13th 1922

Dear Adams,

Enclosed is letter which I have received from Capt Ensor. I am sorry this is not more satisfactory, but I have written to him again urging him to try to do something for you as soon as ever it is possible. I have also told him that you are well known to Major Stalahan [?].

I may say that I called at the Headquarters here of the R.I.C. & they told me that with them all recruiting is stopped for the present. I hope something may soon turn up.

Yours sincerely

D. Graham Shillington