John Adams was discharged from the Army in 1919, while still suffering from his leg wound received in 1918. This period was difficult for him, as employment was difficult to find, and he used his old Army contacts to try to secure positions. Some key dates: 18 Feb 1919 – Demobilized from the Army, and transferred to the Army Reserve 28 April 1920-6 November 1921 – trained and then worked as a motor mechanic for Rowland and Harris Ltd, Newry period of unemployment – see correspondence with Major Shillington and Capt Ensor 23 February 1922 – joined the Ulster Special Constabulary (‘A’ Class). Rose quickly to Sergeant (8/6/1922) and promoted to Head Constable stationed at Middletown (1/10/1924). 13 March 1926 – ‘A’ Specials disbanded further period of employment, where he considered joining the Prison Service in NI or England 21 May 1926 – joined ‘B’ Specials as a full-time Sergeant Instructor. See his Diary of a Sergeant Instructor for his experiences in 1926-27. He was promoted to County Adjutant on 20/6/1941 and retired on 25/10/1952. The following correspondence is from this period.