Belfast: “I wonder if Jimmy intends to go to that Dance”

Royal Victoria Hosp

My Dear Mother

Just a few lines in answer to your every welcome letter of today. And I am glad to know that yourself and all at home are still enjoying your usual good health, as this leaves me in the same at present.

The weather here keep[s] very nice. It has been like summer this last two days. We had none of that snow you speak of. Or at least very little. It stayed no time here.

I had no word from Jennie since I saw her but I am sure she is quite alright. I did not see Tommy since I came back. I may go over to see him before I go home but I do not know yet.

I wonder if Jimmy intends to go to that Dance at [Killeavy] Castle. Tell him I shall do my best to be home for it. But tell him I got an invite from another quarter. He will know who I mean. I hope it may be a much drier night than the last. Tell him to get the Patton’s for to drive up again.

Well I am glad that all at home are well. Well I think this is about all I can say now. So I will close with best love.

I remain
Your loving son

Hoping to hear from you soon again.

Note: Killeavy Castle is at the base of Slieve Gullion, Co. Armagh

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