France: “I think it is a good saying  (Never Cross a Bridge to you come to it)”

British Exped Force
My Dear Mother
Just a few lines hoping they will find yourself and all at home still enjoying good health as this leaves myself in the best of health at the time of writing.  The weather still continues to be fine.  It is just like summer these nights and I hope it still continues as it is most pleasant (for our work).  
Well Mother I hope you have stopped fretting for you know yourself there is nothing made by it.  I think it is a good saying  (Never Cross a Bridge to you come to it) there is always a bright side to every story and I always believe in looking at that side.  
I got both your letters and also Jimmy[‘s] and if I have time tonight I shall answer his also.  I had no word from Jenny since she went back.  I do not know what I done on lve [?] I cannot set down and answer her letters as soon as I get them.  (There is something else for me to do here).  Well I think I shall stop now as I have written to Annie also.  
Good night
Your loving son
[on the other side of the same page]
Dear Mother,  your letter is the shortest […] but I shall write to you soon again.  

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