Holywood: “Just a line to say we will be home on Sat night”

[postcard showing a group of 18 soldiers bathing/washing by a stream in a steep little valley. Large rocks (possibly haystacks) in the distance. It is not clear if John Adams is one of the 18 or is the photographer. If he is in the picture I think he is either 5th from left, leaning, or 3rd from right, in braces, standing.]

[Postmarked Holywood, 29 Jan 1915]

[to Mrs J Adams, Lisadian]

Dear Mother
Just a line to say we will be home on Sat night. Tell J that we will be in Newry at about 5 o’clock. I got your letter alright many thanks. I think this is all until I see you all.
I remain
your loving son
J Adams

13971 150129a

13971 150129

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