Holywood: “Many thanks for the shirt it is alright”

D Company
9 Batt R.I. Fusiliers
Palace Barracks

My Dear Mother

Just a line hoping it finds youse all in good health at home as this leave me in the same here at present. I received four letters and parcel alright. Many thanks for the shirt it is alright. I am glad that you have got some word about the money as it never will come out of time. You were kept a long while out of it. You need not be uneasy about me at all for I am fit to look after myself. You need not think because I said it was a bit rough that I had rued anything I had done. I have not indeed I would do the same thing tomorrow if I thought I would be any use. I see J. nearly every night. She is doing alright.

The weather is very wet but what can you expect at this time of the year. If it gets no worse we will be alright.

All the promotion Sam Moffatt has got yet is not much. He is only a waiter in the Segt Mess and that is not much. It is the first thing that will be his downfall for he will be too near the drink. I think this is all as the pen is very bad.

I remain
Your loving son
J Adams

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