Jeannie: ” expect you heard all about the fighting in Dublin, wasn’t it dreadful?”

Church Hill
Co. Down

27 April 1916

My Dear Mother,

This is just a wee line to say I am well. I hope you got my letter and paper on Monday. Wasn’t the weather very wet for Easter? This last few days has been nice. I hope you are all well. Is your pains gone yet? I hope so. Had you any word from Johnnie lately. I have had none for a long time. I hope he is well. I think they are having a very hard time. I expect you heard all about the fighting in Dublin, wasn’t it dreadful? It’s coming very near us. That was 10,000 soldiers sent from England and a lot from Belfast. I heard there was a bridge blown up so that the train can’t reach Dublin. I hope they won’t start in Belfast. I know 3 girls that went to Dublin on Monday, and they have not arrived home yet. I am glad there is no one belonging to us in it. They say there is a lot killed and wounded. I think youse are fairly safe out there. I wish it was all over. What does the Crawlies [?] say about it? Are they for it? The volunteers around here have all been called up.

We have got our new minister settled. He seems very nice. He was preaching on Sunday night himself and the church was packed. I never saw so many people in it before, and everyone seemed to like him. He has had a wedding and a funeral. He is only there a week today. He is to start visiting soon.

Had you any word from Lizzie lately? How is she getting on? It was very good of you sending me the wee card. I thank you all for it. If you get any word from Johnnie will you write soon and let me know.

Gordon Copeland was telling me he was up at Tullyhappy on Tuesday. He says when he was coming back at night he had to wait at Goraghwood from 7.30 till 9 o’clock before he could get a train. Maybe it was just as well I was not home. If you don’t hear from Johnnie don be too annoyed because there is very few boats running. They may not be abile to get the mails [sic] across.

I think this is all now. I wll send you a paper. Write me a good long letter soon. Give my best love to all. I remain your loving daughter,


Write soon to me.

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160427 Jeannie 02

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