Newtownards: “It is simply lovely now like the summer time”

D Company
9 Batt R. I. Fus.

Dear Mother

Just a few lines to say I received your parcel this morning and what was inside. I thank you very much for it. The drawers is alright. I hope I may never worse [?]

The weather is greatly changed this last day. It is simply lovely now like the summer time. It does not be long in changing. I suppose the people are busy at their crops now. They have nearly all in about here now. It is a very early country about here. The ground is very sandy.

Tell Jimmy that I will write to him later and tell him all the news but I have not time now. He might write to me sometimes and tell me how he is getting on. Does ever he be at the Manse working now? I suppose he will put in the garden for Mr Jorrie this year. There’s many a change since last year this time but I hope they are all for the best. I hope the weather will keep like this for us going home. We don’t often get good weather for going home.

I think this is all now. I thank you again for your present.

I remain
Your loving son
John Adams

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