• Ken Switzer Thursday 1 September, 2016  

    Dear descendants of John Adams,
    I am finding your Blogs fascinating listening. My late father was in the Royal Field Artillery from September 1914 to June 1921. He never spoke in detail about his experiences. Any comments would have been amusing incidents away from the Western front.

    In your latest Blog I hope you don’t mind when I point out a commonly help misconception on the reason for the absence of a 12th of July parade in 1916.

    Your local library should have a book ‘Unionists and The Great War Commemoration in the North of Ireland,’ written by my daughter.

    Pages 30 – 33 explain the true reasons why the parades were cancelled.

    Looking forward to the next Blog.

    Best regards,

  • John Adams Thursday 29 September, 2016  
    John Adams

    Hi Ken, thanks for your comment and kind words. I will seek out Catherine’s book (I already have her excellent book Ulster, Ireland and the Somme: Memorials and Battlefield Pilgrimages).