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  • Des Carswell Thursday 7 March, 2013  

    I have read John’s well written and very moving letters and commend the work that has been done in bring them to the notice of the everyone. Thank you very much for that. My grandfather 9315 John Carswell while a regular soldier fought in the Great War and was wounded and captured on 9 May 1915 spending the remainder of the war as a prisoner of war in Germany and finally in Holland. This brother-in-law 3010 Tommy Crawford was sadly not so lucky and was killed om 1 July 1916.
    Both lived in Belfast and grew up in the streets of the Grosvenor Road. John and his wife Lizzie later had five boys and one daughter. John Died in 1944 and Lizzie in 1967. Thank yopu again for your contribution. Des Carswell