Kilmacolm: “This is a view of a place that we went for a drive to yesterday”

Paisley, 5.7.16

Dear Mother
Just a card to let you know that I am getting on alright.  Hoping all at home are the same.  This is a view of a place that we went for a drive to yesterday.  It is about 11 miles from here.  The weather is not too bad now and I hope it keeps good when I get home.
Your son

Postcard shows:  Cross and Main Street, Kilmacolm See on Google Maps.

160705 Kilmacolm 02160705 Kilmacolm 01

Paisley: “We have lost a lot of Officers”

No postmark – probably included in a letter.

12 July 1916
Dear Jimmy,
Just a PC hoping it will find you still enjoying the usual good health as this leaves myself not so bad at the time of writing.  How are you getting on this weather, it is very wet?  It is just as well that they are not going anywhere today.  It is simply pouring.  It is as bad as the 12th that we went to Tandragee.  Do you remember that day?  We yesterday was fine for a wander [?] and we were at Lock [sic] Lomond for a day’s outing.  It is a lovely place.  We were out for a sail on a motor boat and it was splendid.  I heard J McCullagh was wounded, but I cannot see his name in the list.  I do hope it is not time.  There is about 10 Bessbrook wounded.  I see a Brown name [A Brown?].  We have lost a lot of Officers.  Both our Captains are wounded, but there is not many Ptes in D. Coy wounded that I can see.  I hope it will soon be over.
No more at present, Jack.

160712 Jimmy Lomond 01 160712 Jimmy Lomond 02

Postcard shows “Inversnald Hotel and Falls, Loch Lomond”.  Taken from the water, a large hotel dominates the photograph, with a waterfall tumbling into the lake beneath a bridge on the right.  Small boats are scattered on the waterline, and a path slopes from the lake up to the hotel.,-4.6860636,662m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x48890261fa434821:0xdf979e3283a214ab!6m1!1e1

Falls at Rouken Glen

Postmark: Paisley, 19 July 1916


Dear Mother

Just a line hoping will still find yourself and all a home in your usual good health, as this leaves myself going on alright.  I expect to be going home next week, if I keep going on as I am now.  But I am not sure yet.  No more at present.

Your son


16 07 19 Paisley Rouken 02

16 07 19 Paisley Rouken 01

Postcard shows:

“The falls, Rouken Glen”.   A view of a cascade through a narrow, wooded valley.

Current views: Flickr and Google Maps. Odd that the bridge is not visible in the postcard.  It was there in 1916.

Paisley: “I am leaving here on Sat 22nd”

Postmark: Paisley 20 July 1916


Dear Mother

Just a line to say that I am leaving here on Sat 22nd.  I do not know yet if I am going home, but I expect I am.  Will write again and let you know.  No more at present.

Your loving son


160720 Paisley 02

160720 Paisley 01

Postcard shows:

“Picturesque Paisley”.  A view across to Thomas Coats Memorial Church and the John Neilson Institution, perhaps over a canal where Canal Street now runs. Google StreetView.