SW Chambers: “John has got much fatter and firmer looking”

[on YMCA writing paper]

S.W. Chambers


Oct 21st 1915

Dear Mrs Adams

I just want to let you know that some little time ago – about a fortnight ago – I saw John [blacked out sentence follows – censor?] He and Robt. Crozier’s son came into our tent one evening and were surprised to find me. I was plsd to see them. They were both fit and well. John has got much fatter and firmer looking. Experience and responsibility are doing him good. He looks every inch a man and I have no doubt he will do credit to himself wherever he goes. You may make your mind easy as to that. They were in the best of spirits. They have now moved away from my neighbourhood… [rest of letter missing]

[Presumably written by S.W. Chambers to Mary Jane Adams. We believe the author to be Rev. Samuel Waugh Chambers of First Holywood Presbyterian Church, Co. Down. He was the employer of John Adams’ sister Jeannie, and had been a minister at Cremore Presbyterian Church near Poyntzpass from 1898-1907. The YMCA notepaper may mean that Rev. Chambers was working for the YMCA, and this is further indicated by a Medal Record card on Ancestry.co.uk. (needs an account to link to this, unfortunately).

Location evidence: Major Brew’s account indicates that the 9th Bn R.I.F. were in Rainneville around this time.]

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