Johnny Reid: Field Postcard

NOTHING is to be written on this side except
the date and signature of the sender. Sentences
not required may be erased. If anything else is
added the post card will be destroyed.

[Postage must be prepaid on any letter or post card
addressed to the sender of this card.]

I am quite well.

I have been admitted into hospital



and am going on well.

and hope to be discharged soon.

I am being sent down to the base.

I have received your

letter dated
telegram  ,,
parcel     ,,

Letter follows at first opportunity.

I have received no letter from you


for a long time.

Signature only
12th August 1916

Newtownards: “Excuse this scribble as I have not got the proper use of my arm yet.”

10th Roy Ir Fusiliers, B company 37-Hut, Military Camp, Newtownards

My Dear Mother

I am awful sorry I have been so long in answering your welcome letter that I received alright. But my arm was so sore that I could not manage it. This is the first I have written since I wrote to you. You wanted me to get someone to write for me. But I would not ask anyone to do so as are all strangers to me. And I knew you would think me alright, as long as I am here. Well I am getting on alright and will soon be better again. But I am still attending the Dr. I had no word from Jimmy yet.

The Camp is still closed, but I think it will soon be opened and I shall go up to see you as soon as I can get a pass in a weeks time or so. Davy Patterson must have died sudden at the Last. I hope you have got all right again yourself. It is lovely weather now. I hope it lasts as it is most pleasant. I suppose Jimmy and Annie are both working every day. It is good weather for getting the flax pulled. Well I hope you will forgive me for not writing to you sooner. And I hope to hear from you soon again. I think I will have to close now. Excuse this scribble as I have got the proper use of my arm yet.

I remain
Your Loving Son

J Adams

Newtownards: “I am getting on alright”

23 August 1916

Addressed to:
Mrs John Adams
Co. Armagh

Dear Mother
Just a card to let you know I am getting on alright, hoping yourself and all at home are keeping in good health.  The weather is keeping quite nice.  No more at present.

160823 Newtownards 01 160823 Newtownards 02
Postcard shows: “Greetings to my loved ones at home.”
A soldier writes a letter, using his hat on his knee as his desk.  In his thoughts are his wife and young daughter.
“Here’s  a greeting to my loved ones,
Just to day all’s well with me,
And to tell them I am thinking,
Of the home I’d love to see.
Cares there are – yet sweet the knowledge
That one holds a place apart,
Very warm and tender in each
Faithful loving heart.  “
Madeleine St Clair