Belfast: “I am still able to walk about”

Ward 7
Royal Victoria Hospital

My Dear Mother

Just a few lines in answer to your ever welcome letter of today. And I am glad to know that all at home are still enjoying their usual good health as this leaves myself going on alright at present. I am still able to walk about and we are allowed out here from 2pm to 7pm every day. The weather is lovely at present.

Well Mother I thank you very much for what you sent to me. It was very good of you. I shall get along alright without the boots until I get home. I [do] not know how long I may be here, but I shall do my best to be home for Xmas.

I hope Annie is still keeping better and that Jimmy is going on alright.

Well I think this is all now. So I will now close thanking you again for the money.

I remain
Your loving son

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