Birmingham: “I have still my leg in splints”

[Probably in Southern General Hospital, Birmingham – see previous letter]

18th October 1918

My Dear Mother

Just a few lines in answer to your ever welcome letter which I received alright this evening. And I am glad to know that your self and all at home are still enjoying your usual good health. As for myself I am going on as well as can be expected. I thank you very much for what you sent to me. It is really too much of you.

I had a letter from Jennie a few days ago and also a parcel today, with cigarettes in it. So I have got as much as will keep me going for a good while. I am sorry to hear of Mrs McComb’s death. It must have been a shock to the boys. I suppose none of the girls are at home. Mr Rentoul [?] had also a short reign out here. But the German shells have no respect of persons. They kill and maim whatever comes in their way. But it [is] all in the fortunes of war or rather the misfortunes.

Well Dear Mother [I] am getting along first rate. I have still my leg in splints. I have still got 6 days to lie on my back before they take them off. You see it takes the artery so long to knit and heal up. But I will be running about in a few days again.

I hope Jimmy is not working too hard but I suppose the most of the work is finished. Tell him he might write me a few lines some night he has time. I suppose the Dances will soon be starting for the winter. I was telling you they were talking of sending a few of us across to Ireland when I first came in here. But as I was not able to be moved at the time I did not hear anything more about it until this evening when they came around and [took] the names of all men belonging to Ireland. So whither [sic] they are going to send me across or not I do not know.

Well I think this is about all tonight. I will now close. Thanking you again for what you sent to me tonight. I shall not forget it.

I remain
Your loving son

Tell Annie I shall write to her as soon as I am able to sit up. Hoping to hear from her soon.

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