France: “You would have had me home with only one hand.”

BEF, Somewhere in France

My Dear Mother

Just a few lines to let you know that I am out of hospital once more. And that my hand is a good deal better although I am still not able for any heavy work. but the Captain was that pleased to see me back that he is letting me run about for a week without doing anything. I have got all your letters and was glad to know that all at home are still in good health. Well Dear Mother I suppose you will be glad to know that I have got another stripe since I came back. I have been promoted to the rank of Cpl. and am getting staying in my own Company.

The weather is simply lovely, it is just like summer this afternoon. I hope youse are having good weather at home for it is very pleasant. I hope Annie and Jimmy and yourself are keeping well. (You are right to keep fretting it will do you a whole lot of good.) [sic] I am beginning to think that you will never have sense. Well I may tell you if I havd started fretting over my hand I would not be back here today. You would have had me home with only one hand. But I kept up my heart and now you see the result of it. Well I think I have not much more to say. I will write soon again.

I remain
Ever your Loving Son

John Adams

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