Jennie: “I was thinking of poor Johnnie. He was here this time last year.”

Church Hill
Co. Down

27 April 1916

My Dear Annie

Thanks very much for letter and card, which I got alright. I hope you are all quite well. I suppose Easter was very quiet. Well I was at church twice on Sunday. The soldiers were at the morning service. There was a good many. I was thinking of poor Johnnie. He was here this time last year.

I saw Lizzie Crozier and Annie and Sara on Saturday night. They asked me down to Annie’s on Monday so Sara came up for me in the afternoon and we went round the shore. The tide was full in and it was lovely. Leonard [?] Brown was down. He isn’t a bad wee chap at all. I was talking to him a good while. He was telling me all the news about home. He says his father is very ill. He was in a bad way about him. He said he wanted Jimmie and Davie Crozier to come with him. I wish Jimmie had come. They all went up to town about five. They wanted me to go with them but I did not go. I wonder did he get home. Sometimes the Croziers are not bad. They always ask me to go with them if they are for Minnie’s [?] or anywhere.

I think this is near about all as it’s near bedtime. I hope you will write me a good long letter soon. Has Jimmie the potatoes all in yet? The weather has been nice this last few days. Was Thomas Moffat home at Easter? I don’t think any of the Coy got any leave. They might later on. Write soon. Give my love to all.

I remain

Your loving Sister


Write soon

160427 Jeannie to Annie

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